November 25, 2008

eco discoveries cleans green

Are you are looking to clean more greenly, but not quite ready to jump into the vinegar? I've found a safe and effective line of enzyme and plant-based liquid cleaners cleaners that you can feel good about using. EcoDiscoveries has a complete line of products that are fragrance-free, chlorine-free, dye-free, and petroleum-free. They are fully biodegradable and have even been recognized by the EPA for their commitment to development of eco-safe products.

To give you an idea of the array of products: "Moldzyme penetrates to remove mold at the source, eliminating stains and odors; Bathroom solution for a chlorine-free bathroom; AirZyme fragrance free spray eliminates odor and protects indoor air quality; Tub & Tile organic salts remove soap scum and scrub grout without chlorine; Multizyme, the only safe and effective multipurpose solution on the market; Glass for ammonia free, fragrance free, and streak free windows and mirrors; Kitchen is safe around food and family; Nursery is especially effective, gentle, innovative, and odorless."

EcoDiscoveries was very generous in sending me samples of their products to try. I found they cleaned well, similarly to how my homemade cleaners work. But whenever I had an urgent spill to clean I found myself reaching for the EcoDiscoveries products first. They are convenient and effective.

To be sure that I could give a fair review I had my neighbor try them, too. She thought they cleaned fine but that there were almost too many products to choose from. I suppose you could choose one of the cleansers and use it in several places (does Bathroom only get to be used in the bathroom?) She also favors a little bit of fragrance in her cleaning products and missed that.

I like the peace of mind of knowing the EcoDiscovery products are really safe to use. While I personally feel comfortable using my simple, homemade cleaners I know there are others who will never want to make that leap. This line would be a great fit. You can find a store near you that sells them by checking the EcoDiscoveries website. You can also buy them directly online.

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