November 5, 2008

disney go green

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice has an ongoing effort to persuade Disney World to use green cleaners. The Disney Go Green! campaign is fighting to get green cleaning products in Disney parks, hotels, and restaurants, where children and workers face a great deal of exposure to toxics.

Apparently, the only Disney facility that uses green cleaners is the Animal Kingdom. It is wonderful that Disney wants to protect the animals from toxins, but shouldn't that visiting children and company employees deserve the same level of consideration?

You can visit the CHEJ website for lots of information about the campaign, including a list of the kinds of dangers the cleaning products pose. I don't know how many other types of resorts or tourist attractions can boast using green cleaners, but I suppose Disney is a symbolic target to initiate change. It would make a great PR story for Disney, wouldn't it?

There are many ways you can help make Disney switch to green cleaning products and procedures and becoming a leader in the hotel and tourism industries.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised! I've shared with my readers as well!

Anonymous said...

The Disney Go Green campaign is holding a national day of action on February 13, 2009. You can visit the CHEJ site to download Valentine's Day Cards to send to Disney to encourage them to use green cleaning products!