November 3, 2008

canned tuna

Apologies for the blurry images taken with my camera phone of the bottom shelf

I decided to make a favorite recipe this week. It includes a can of tuna. I know it is a good idea to limit consumption of tuna, but I figured this recipe calls for such a small amount that it would be okay.

I wasn't really sure which kind to buy at the store, though. One can was the store brand of solid white albacore tuna packed in spring water. The label said the tuna was from Thailand.

Another can I saw was from a local company near the Bay Area (in Santa Cruz). It was also albacore tuna in water. However, it was line caught locally.

The store brand was $1.49. The local tuna was $7.99 per can.

I have a feeling that choosing the local can of tuna would be the most environmentally friendly choice. I just couldn't do it! No doubt it is hypocritical of me, since I am always touting the importance of supporting local foods and farmers. What would you have done?


Anonymous said...

I avoid Albacore since it tends to be higher in mercury.

Jill said...

Skip the tuna! Our toxic mercury load is too great as it is. Do you use CF light bulbs? Do you vaccinate? Do you use eye drops? Not only it is a good idea to avoid tuna completely, the can adds to your toxic load. Check out the dangers of canned foods. Use organic chicken instead. Just my 2 cents...

kellytirman said...

Wow - that is a huge price difference. I also live in San Francisco and like to buy local but $8 for a can of tuna is WAY TO MUCH. I would have bought the store brand and then add the extra $6.50 I saved to my child's college fund or to my monthly nonprofit donations.