October 28, 2008

running green

Runner's World featured an article about the environmental impacts of running in the November 2008 issue. It was interesting to consider, since on the surface running seems like a sport that would have little impact on the environment.

The issue looks at elements such as the fabrication and distribution of running shoes and apparel, as well as the transportation involved to get to training runs and races.

It was really cool to see how running shoes are produced and the complex journey they make before they land on our feet. But I wonder if this would be true for most sport shoes? And if all "sport shoes" have a big carbon footprint, is running still not a good sport to choose?

One thing I was glad to read about was alternative materials for running clothes. I personally like all the dri-fit types of synthetic wicking for my sweaty runs. I know the shirts I buy are synthetic and not a green choice. Runner's World has a review of alternative 'green' shorts, tops and gear, which you can even read on their website.

The magazine also had a spread on how races are going green by making race shirts with alternative materials, reducing the amount of paper used, utilizing solar generators, recycling and composting waste, etc. The magazine also lists the top 10 greenest races (not surprisingly, 3 of them are in Oregon)!

I think running is still a fairly green sport. Sure, we can all make improvements. Runner's World has plenty of tips to make it easy to do so.


Michael said...

Hello MGG - My name is Michael and your blog popped up my radar as I was searching for blogs that talked about 'running green'. That said, if you're looking for a company that has a strong focus on both performance and the environment, check out a new company called Atayne (www.atayne.com). We're producing performance apparel from recycled materials and just launched a few months ago. Our shirts have some really cool 'points of view' on the front to generate awareness and discussion. We think it's pretty cool stuff. Check us out and look for a review of our shirts in the upcoming Trail Runner Go Green issue.

Keep it clean,

dlp. said...

I'm going to leave my little promo as well, along with my buddy Mike from Atayne (the best running gear around might i add). My name is Sam and I'm the creator of the website Eco-Runner (www.ecologyrunner.com). Simply put, Eco-Running combines physical fitness and environmental sustainability. While you are out for your daily run, you carry a trash bag (BioBag) and pick up the garbage you see along the way. Just thought it would be an excellent way to go green. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Run 4 more,