October 23, 2008

eco diapers and cooking local (but not together)

Usually I like to write about topics that I research because of some question or encounter I've had in my life. Other times I just see an article that is spot-on helpful, and I'd want to share them in their complete detail.

One article I saw on Grist was a review of eco-friendly disposable diapers. Since I don't have kids in diapers anymore, I feel this is an area that I haven't really covered in depth on the blog. The author reviews several brands by using them on her baby and researching the manufacturing. Definitely worth a read if you've got babies!

The other great article I saw (also on Grist) was about cooking with local foods from the farmer's market. I really responded to everything she was saying about how to make foods that are local and in season. Yum, yum, YUM!

Hope you like the articles as much as I did.

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