October 22, 2008

eco contrast?

Here's a quick little question that I've often pondered:

Is it hypocritical for a Prius driver to smoke cigarettes in their car? Does anyone else find this amusing when they see it?


Anonymous said...

i don't think my prius has an ash tray. pretty funny observation!

Anonymous said...

I saw a man smoking while driving his Prius on a freeway in Houston, Texas about 5 years ago. His windows were all rolled up, too.
Pointed it out to my kids. We discussed the irony of the situation.
It was similar to the discussion we had when Al Gore's son was ticketed in CA for going 100mph in his Prius... wonder what his mpg was at that point.

Lisa B said...

I recently saw a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on a Prius, now that's hypocritical.

cari c said...

Hopefully they aren't also flicking their cigarette butts out the window.