September 10, 2008

tiffin container

It is only the second week of school and we are already changing things up in the lunch basket. I got a new lunch container to try from Healthy Kitchenware.

It is a two-tiered stainless steel container with lid and handle, also know as a tiffin carrier. You can find them many places, but this one in particular is really well made. I thought it was a great way to send both a hearty snack and main course, since this year I have to pack both for my son.

The size of this particular tiffin is perfect for him, since it holds more than his thermos did yet still fits into his lunch basket, where I put his napkin, utensil and water bottle. Maybe someone makes a tiffin sack or bag for that purpose? Healthy Kitchenware also has a 3-tiered version, which might be of interest if one wanted to do 3 courses (a salad, fruit and a sandwich?)

And hey, the container has helped my guy be more excited about his lunch. That in itself is a good thing!


mom go green said...

and please remember to send me pictures of the lunches you're packing! all ideas are welcome for containers, recipes, etc. moms everywhere will thank you.

Anonymous said...

There are 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier tiffin lunch box containers and the unusual pyramid-shaped ones at The main differences are the diameters of the stainless-steel containers - small through large, meaning large enough for one tier to hold a pound of coffee or big sandwich! The Pyramid versions have a lid on top of each tier which make them great for soups and other liquids. And they have 15% off through the end of the year with "happytiffin" coupon code. I bought my dog one so i could take her kibble and water w/me in the car. So far so good!