September 9, 2008

stopping the free paper

One of my biggest pet peeves is the local free paper that cannot be stopped. All over the city, thousands of these papers are placed on doorsteps each morning—in plastic bags. I see them piled up all around. On a windy day I counted 6 papers in the middle of the road on my block alone. Why should I have to separate and recycle the paper? Why should the city have to pick up all that waste?

It wouldn't be so bad if one could simply ask the paper to stop, but in my experience many papers actually ignore requests to cancel the free delivery.

Help is on the way, people, because now you can use a new website to stop your local free paper. The folks at will submit your information to the circulation director so they know you wish to opt out of their publication. They say, "Millions of newspapers go out everday that get thrown away, recycled, or become eye sores left at the end of the driveway. This site was designed to raise awareness of how much wasted paper is created."

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

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Claire said...

I wish we had a campaign like this in the UK, as the free papers in London especially really depress me...

No wait - why don't I start the campaign?

Thank you for the inspiration!