September 15, 2008

props to method

Are you like me? Do you know all the right things to do to clean green (vinegar and water on the windows! borax in the tub!) but don't always take the time to implement them? Sure, I'm really trying to make an effort but sometimes I just think, "it shouldn't be this hard...or no one will do it."

The sentiment is the same from the founders of Method cleaning products. There was a great interview with them on Grist and I found I have new respect for them. I always liked their products and witty ads, but was skeptical of their greeness because they did not disclose ingredients. I learned that they are now posting the ingredients on their website. They also are using 100% recycled plastic to make their bottles.

The interview with the founders was refreshing and totally respect their goal: not to change people who are already green (self-proclaimed treehuggers) but rather to switch mainstream people away from traditional toxic cleaners and to put pressure on traditional companies to make more sustainable, eco-friendly products.


Anonymous said...

I still can't buy their products because they look so fake. How is anything in nature that purple or pink, or green. Na....that is an artificial colorant. What else in their products is not what it seems? I just can't believe Method is a natural product, committed to the green movement.

Our Green Nest said...

Yeah I don't trust them...mainly because of the colors and what I've read about their ingredients. They ARE better but to self-proclaimed treehuggers, they're not good enough!