September 23, 2008

nature table

Nature tables are not a new idea, but they are a wonderful way to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Kids love looking for beautiful treasures while out on walks and saving them for the table.
Having a nature table is also a nice way to mark the seasons of the year. We have some beautiful things out on ours that we found on a camping trip last weekend (except for the mini pumpkin, which was grown by our neighbors).

You can see nature tables on many blogs, including one of my favorites, Salt and Chocolate. They are also mentioned in a fantastic book called The Creative Family, by blogger and author Amanda Blake Soule.

I'm not always so good about changing the table with the seasons. Thankfully the kids are really into it and keep it evolving. In the winter I add some white wool and felt gnomes. In the spring, some flowers and painted eggs.

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