September 2, 2008

name this vegetable

In the effort of being green and all, we planted a small vegetable garden this summer. We got around to it kind of late because we are not gardeners. At all. Love the idea of growing our own food, but we never have much luck.

We are making the attempt, though, with many thanks to our neighbor who got our garden started this year with some extra seedlings from his yard. One of which we thought was going to be zucchini, but is now looking like this. Can you help us identify it?

Our neighbor thinks some seeds form his compost must have germinated. What he thought was a zucchini plant is actually something else. In his yard he ended up with gourds (you know, the tiny little pumpkins) instead of zucchini.

Good thing I wasn't expecting much edible, eh? Hey, at least the plants are growing. That's better than usual!


Debbie said...

I think it's a white eggplant! Did you taste it at all?

Our Green Nest said...

I saw something similar at the farmer's market...I swore they said it was a kind of eggplant, but I may be remembering that incorrectly...Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

It looks just like "Japanese" Eggplant to me. I just bought one at the farmers market the other day!