September 8, 2008

my good greetings

Some of the attractive card designs available at

I have to tell you about another green announcement card resource. My Good Greetings was started by two designers who wanted to make card products that were environmentally friendly. They not only use recycled paper, but did an incredible amount of research into choosing an excellent green printer.

You can read all about their uber-greeness on their website.

Top it all off with a great selection of designs for all kinds of announcements, holiday greetings, invitations and stationery. A great offering! I feel like I can finally reconcile my inclination to choose an environmentally respectful product with my desire for a beautiful card design.

Hooray! Thank you Tom and René!


Anonymous said...

yes! green printing is the way to go! i use Print Net.

Debbie said...

More gorgeous cards to choose from! Yea! Now we just need the kid...

Rebecca said...

Those cards are beautiful! It's great to see some eco-friendly options for paper cards and invitations. I know we can do everything electronically these days, but there's something about getting a real piece of mail!

Fern Greene said...

How timely! I've been agonizing about what to do when baby Fiona arrives next month. I love the civility of a mailed birth announcement, but had given up finding anything even vaguely green.

I'm off to check these out!