September 30, 2008

mad men

I've been hopelessly addicted to watching Mad Men (I download it from iTunes). One of the things I like about the show is the glimpse it provides into the era of the early 1960's.

Some of the little details are frightening and amusing, like the pregnant women who are drinking and smoking. The show presents it as the reality that it was, not as a comedy, but you can't help but gasp when you see it.

One scene that threw me for a loop was in an episode where the family goes for an afternoon picnic by a roadside. After they finished they just shook all their garbage off the picnic blanket, got in the car and left.


Now, I know things were different then (pregnant women drinking and smoking—bad, bad, bad) but did people really just litter with such brazen disregard?

Maybe we have come a long way, indeed.

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bmitd67 said...

My wife and I both went WT...!

It was shocking but enlightning...the beginning of the disposable culture.