September 25, 2008

green your...

I am very excited about this website because it is a great resource on its own, PLUS they made a cool widget that I could place in my blog sidebar so that we can always look up things quickly.
is an online guide about how to green all kinds of things: your home, office, lifestyle, body, transportation, etc. When I am researching topics I tend to check lots of sources, so I am glad to have another in my arsenal.

You know how I always say that going green needs to be fun or no one will want to do it? Well, makes it look fun with a simple, cheerful style and they make it easy with quick, functional tools.

Go ahead. Type something in that new little section to the right of this post. Green school? laundry? husband?

I typed in camping, thinking I might stump them, but there were loads of brilliant ideas. Have fun!

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Unknown said...

hey green mom! love the feedback and support! if there are momgogreen readers who want to share their tips and products with us, do swing by our feedback page and send us your thoughts! cheers!! -- mateo at