September 28, 2008

green depression?

With all the recent news about financial crisis, my mind has been wandering into a world of what if. Of course I hope and trust that now things are on a good course. While my mind was thinking about all kinds of scenarios, I got to thinking about how I could make do if we had a depression.

I don't know much detail about how people survived during the Great Depression, but I suspect there are many green living lessons to be learned from then. Thinking about it made the popular blogger challenge, 30 Days of Nothing, seem quite reasonable (whereas a few weeks ago I had thought it was unfathomable).

I wondered if maybe I should learn to preserve more summer foods while I have the chance. I wondered how close our city life could become to homesteading, if circumstances warranted.

For me, the scenarios were a new twist on how to look at things. I don't expect our situation to get THAT desperate, but it does offer another perspective on green living, doesn't it?

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Owlhaven said...

It is interesting to me how closely green living and frugality are related. Chances are, a 'green' choice will often make the most of your money, and vice versa.

Anyway, thanks for the link and the chance to come visit your place