September 22, 2008

galaxy granola

Sometimes we eat granola and yogurt for either a snack or breakfast. At first I would just buy granola in the bulk bins at the natural market, not really aware of the many differences between brands. Then I found this brand of granola locally and am really loving it.

Galaxy Granola
is great for many reasons. It got my attention because I tastes really good. In addition, it is hand made with all organic ingredients. They use a mix of whole grains, including barley, spelt, and oats. Spelt is power-packed with fiber, B vitamins and protein. One thing that really sets them apart is that Galaxy Granola is not made with oil. I'm not a fan of canola oil, and finding a brand without it is challenging. Galaxy Granola bakes the grains with organic apples instead of oil. As a result, Galaxy Granola is low in fat and calories, especially when compared to other granolas.

Besides all those yummy facts, Galaxy Granola is a member of “1% For The Planet”, an association of companies that donate 1% of revenue to environmental groups. You can find the granola at many stores nationwide and some farmer's markets in the Bay Area. They also will ship to you from their website. I love the Vanilla Almond Munch. Yum!

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