August 25, 2008

ikea drying racks

I noticed at Ikea today that they sell quite a few kinds of racks for clothes drying. The pictures are not great, but they looked like they had lots of good options for all kinds of indoor spaces. We used one of the tall, 4 sided cube ones while we were in Europe this summer. It was cool because it held a load of laundry but also folded flat and away when not in use (see top image, rack on farthest right).

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Anonymous said...

for indoor drying - we would have to b/c of allergies - i love the idea of the pull-out retractable lines I've seen; you can mount them on your wall for drying - I can actually see using that more than using a drying rack because I dont' have to store it anywhere; it's built in. Of couse, it's not good unless you're willing to always dry in the same area, and willing to sacrifice your decor slightly, since it would be visible on the wall.