August 26, 2008

green ethics

My sister sent me a very interesting question that I bet many people ask themselves.

"What do you think I should do with all of my old baby bottles? Recycle? Donate? I hate to donate if they are technically not good for babies, you know? I'll have to look at them and see what # they are and if I can toss them in the bin. Such a shame!!"

I think I would try to keep the bottles out of the dump or recycling center as long as possible. Perhaps you could start with a local Freecycle group? Maybe someone like an artist or craft person can use them for another purpose? You can also go ahead and pass them onto another mom as long as you are clear about how you don't want to use them because of the BPA. Maybe there are moms who aren't worried about the BPA and would be happy to have some more baby bottles?

That is what I've done with similar situations. I gave away my plastic tupperware as well as my non-stick pan but told the person why I wasn't comfortable using them any longer. Some people will be willing to use it, and it still seems better than going in the landfill, doesn't it?

Here's another interesting question: What do you do when you see a mom using a baby bottle that you know is one of the types to leach BPA (such as an Avent bottle)? I've seen this a few times and wonder if the new moms are aware of the BPA problem. I never say anything though, since I respect not everyone is as worried about it. I also don't know how to say something constructive that wouldn't make the mom feel defensive or badly.

Tell me, what would you do?


Debbie said...

Great ideas, as usual! I think I will post them on Freecycle or Craig's List and explain that I'm switching to BPA-free but if anyone wants these, they are available.

You raise an interesting point about what to say/not say to others about their plastic use. I think about that a lot when I see my friends whip out their "bad" plastic sippys for their kids or even nalgene bottles for I say something or keep quiet? So far I have been more quiet and just provide information when asked, or tell them about your site! I also make sure my kid has her Sigg cup whenever she's out or at a playdate so she doesn't have to use those "other" sippy cups. Am I being selfish by not sharing what I know?

Would you believe that I also know people who still don't even recycle? Isn't that frighteningly amazing?

Anonymous said...

You've hit upon an excellent subject that many of us struggle with. We gave our Avent bottles to Goodwill once I realized the BPA risk, but I'm not sure I would do it again. The idea of giving the bottles to artists--or maybe schools, is fabulous. I can imagine that animal shelters could potentially use them as well.

As for the BPA risk, I chose not to say anything either, unless it's a close friend.

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Lisa B said...

My friend recently donated her old bottles to Goodwill. She thought that some people might need them based on their financial situation.

Anonymous said...

babies r us gave me credits for non bpa bottles for every bottle i turned in that they carried in their store - i am so happy that i hadnt thrown them out yet! i was planning on letting my kids use them as play bottles for their dolls