August 19, 2008

back again

beautiful Vermont (thanks for the photo, Dad!)

waste management at Me & Ollie's

I'm back from another great vacation to visit even more family. I had hoped I would be able to post remotely, but found the internet access was spottier than I expected. Next time I'll be sure to post about my absence.

We had a great time visiting with family all along the east coast. I love having a chance to glimpse into other lives/homes/environments to see the variety of green resources available. Although I heard from more than one relative that having me around is a lot of eco-pressure! No judgments from me—I swear. I'm far from perfect.

One of the stops along our trip was in Vermont. What a beautiful, green place! Another pleasant surprise was at a stop in New Hampshire at a favorite lunch spot. I've gone there for a few years, but saw it with new appreciation on this visit when I realized how much of their food and ingredients are locally sourced in addition to their impressive effort to help customers compost and recycle any remnants from their meal. And hey, who can resist a fluffernutter sandwich?

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