August 20, 2008

baby's here announcements

I know a few people who are expecting babies soon, so I was excited to find this a resource for eco-friendly baby announcements. Baby's Here offers birth announcements, shower invitations and thank you notes which are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper with a matte finish. The envelopes are also 100% post consumer recycled. I have not seen the cards in person, but you can request a free sample on their website to see how they look.

I know that printing has many un-green aspects to it, yet I am amazed at how many popular online print resources don't even offer recycled or tree free papers as an option. Thanks to Baby's Here for giving us the choice. Specifying recycled papers is a simple yet important thing to do.


Shelton Sales said...

These are really cute birth announcements, but I found some very unique and attractive ones at

Take a look and see what you think. I bought from both and was very pleased.

mom go green said...

hi sarah,
thanks for the suggestions. i looked at those sites and don't see any mention at all about printing with environmentally forward methods, the least of which would be to offer 100% post consumer recycled paper.
there are many websites with cute stationery products. more of them need to offer more eco-friendly options.

Debbie said...

Thanks again for a great idea! I ordered the sample to check out -- they look cute! I hadn't ever thought about "green" printing...

Is it really time to think about birth announcements? Ahhhh!

Unknown said...

Is it really tacky to be really green and sustainable and send out an e-baby announcement? The email would arrive as embedded HTML, maybe with a link where it could easily be printed too...anyone every run across a site that would do this?