July 9, 2008

wee generation bag revealed

Remember the post I did last August about the wee generation? I was so excited to see what the talented designers would come up with for a "green" diaper bag.

I'm happy to say the final bag has been unveiled and is available for purchase. I personally am not in the market for a diaper bag (we're all in undies now) but new parents should definitely check this out.

The fabric patterns are attractive to both women and men. I love the clever compartment system. Plus, the company making the bags is based in San Francisco—very local.

The bag has these great features:

• Designer upholstery fabric made out of 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles (Cradle-To-Cradle Certified fabric by Designtex)
• Waterproof bottom
• Padded back panel
• Rear zipper compartment
• PVC-free waterproof liner
• Removable inserts include an insulated feeding tote, changing tote and changing pad
• Detachable insulated bottle holder and zip pouch
• External quick-access zip pocket with organizer pockets
• Deluxe adjustable comfort strap with quick release cam buckle
• Two exterior front zip pockets with key tether Stroller attachment straps
• Front flap secures with Velcro and magnetic closure as well as dual buckles
• Two front exterior zipper pockets with key tether
• Adjustable padded shoulder strap with quick release cam
• Soft, durable carrying handle

The first 500 bags will be fully loaded with all sorts of Seventh Generation and Healthy Child Healthy World goodies to get you even further down the road toward a living, healthy home. Each bag will contain $100 worth of eco-friendly treats, including a copy of Naturally Clean, the Seventh Generation Guide to Safe and Healthy Non-Toxic Cleaning, a Wee Generation baby T, healthy household tips from Healthy Child Healthy World and coupons from Seventh Generation.


Debbie said...

I saw this bag, too (being in the market again!) and thought it looked interesting; my only complaint (and I realize it's my usual one!) is the price. $200 is a lot for a diaper bag for a lot of people, although comparable to many designer bags.

I just wish companies could figure out a way to be more available to the masses and the middle/lower class so that everyone can reap the benefits of going green!

mom go green said...

holy cow! i am sorry to say that i never actually saw the price. i should have looked at that more carefully. that is pretty hefty. i'm currently reviewing another product (not baby related) that is $299 and i cannot get past the high expense. sorry i didn't catch that on the wee bag review.

Christine said...

This looks so cute and awesome, bit I too was SHOCKED at the $200 price tag. That's just crazy. As Debbie said above, a lower price would allow middle/lower class people to be more eco-friendly, not just the rich.

Anonymous said...

If you like the idea of this bag and hate the price, you should check out the line of Re-Run diaper bags, messenger bags, and yoga bags from Fleurville... same idea, better price! www.fleurville.com