July 3, 2008

think electric car

A friend just told me about a new electric car that is coming out in the U.S. at the end of next year. It will be made by a Norwegian company called Think that has already been selling electric cars in Europe. The Think City car will use either a sodium or lithium battery and will go 124 miles on a single charge.  The company says it will have a top speed of about 65 mph and they plan to price it under $25,000.   Think is also promising that the mostly plastic car will be 95% recyclable.

And although it doesn't look like it will be big enough to accomodate carpooling needs, the Wired Blog Network website, says the two-seater can be fitted with additional seats for children.  The company is also working on a larger, five-seater electric car called the Think OX.

It does look very cool and would be perfect for zipping around Seattle and San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

No one could possibly cosiderthe Think a viable alternative to the
cars we have today. It is nothing more thna the crappy Evs that were sold 10 years ago and were total flops. Main reason : they are totally inconvenient, can't take you where you want to go, when you want to go there. A driivng range of 124 miles (that will likely be more like 100 miles in practice and even less once the batteries have some age - 80% at 4 years, or around 90) means a driviing radius,
which is what's important, will be less than 45 miles after a few years. The battery pack is said to cost $16K and last 5 years. That will make $4 gasoline look cheap.
That totally sucks. The car is basically of no value and $25,000 for such a car I call pure fraud, and anyone shilling for them the same. I hope you buy such a car - you deserve to suffer like tose you are conning.

mom go green said...

you are certainly entitled to your opinions and we welcome differing opinions in the interest of finding the best solutions, however the tone and nature of your comments brings unwelcome negativity to the blog.

i want my blog to be positive, even with disagreements. in the future i will moderate all comments (i had moderation off while on vacation) and will not accept comments of this tone. please consider sharing accurate information with a positive, enlightened attitude.

in addition, i have contacted think cars to review your claims and will share their response once i hear.

Anonymous said...

Mom Go Green,

Thanks for the post, and sorry about the tone of the last comment. I'm very interested in this too and would love to hear more about what you find. For some people, 45 miles a day would be ok. I would mostly want to use an electric car for commuting anyway.

You also might be interested in watching the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" if you haven't already. There were plenty of people who loved the EV that the other commenter mentioned.