July 28, 2008

reader tip #1 (from jessica)

So many wonderful tips have been submitted for the green genius contest. The first one that I want to share is from reader Jessica.

She writes:

"My all time favorite product for sure has been using Tea Tree Oil...I purchase the essential oil in a small bottle and make a cleaning/disinfecting solution that I keep in a spray bottle. I use that everywhere...to clean bathrooms, disinfect the play room...kitchen surfaces (not my granite though...not sure I can.)

I also use the oil "straight-up" to sooth insect bites for my children and as a topical blemish treatment. I add a few drops to my laundry to freshen up the load in the wash....

Hands down I love this stuff. It hails from Australia and they have been using it for centuries as an ORGANIC disinfectant, antibacterial solution."

Thanks, Jessica!

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