July 15, 2008

greener printer

I am so excited about finding this new (to me) resource. You see, in my other life I am a designer and often buy printing for projects. I found this resource in the best possible way—when I wasn't even looking for it.

Another parent at my son's school had prepared a fund raiser this spring. She took artwork from the children, scanned it and had them printed as note cards. I thought the quality of the cards was really nice so I flipped it over to see where it was made, and voila! I had found GreenerPrinter.com. I have also produced note cards from many of the online print shops and these are my favorite so far.

So what makes the greener printer green? Here is some information from their website:

At GreenerPrinter, we realize it's about much more than just the paper. That's why in addition to featuring recycled papers exclusively, we also:
  • Adhere to the strict environmental standards of being a Bay Area Certified Green Business.
  • Operate on 100% Wind Power through investments in Renewable Energy Credits (REC's).
  • Print using only water-based coatings and soy & vegetable based inks.
  • Offset the carbon emissions of our shipments through the purchase of carbon offset credits.
  • Adhere to the practices outlined in our FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification.
  • Eliminate dangerous chemicals and compounds from our production facility.
  • Invest in printing technologies that reduce makeready and ink wash-ups, and eliminate plate processing.
We are an environmentally friendly printing and graphic communications company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations promote themselves in more sustainable ways. Through GreenerPrinter.com, you can obtain * high-quality, affordable printing services... * featuring real-time print quotes and online ordering... * using state-of-the-art recycled papers... * printing by a certified environmentally responsible company... * and shipped directly to you with zero climate impact!

GreenerPrinter.com makes environmentally responsible printing services convenient and affordable, no matter where you are based. It was complete coincidence that I found them and they happen to be right near me in Berkeley.

Check out GreenerPrinter.com next time you need to print brochures, postcards, business cards, labels, folders, catalogs, note cards, posters, newsletters, stationery, etc. They say they look forward to helping you align your printing needs with your environmental goals.


Our Green Nest said...

Oh yeah, GreenerPrinter is AWESOME - we always get our x-mas postcards from there and are about to get our baby announcement - they really are a great company and their work is always timely and beautiful!

jen x said...

Thank you for posting this resource! I need new business cards but I've been stalling b/c my previous source doesn't use recycled paper or soy-based inks. This is a very useful find :-)