July 24, 2008

green genius contest

I am so pleased with some of the tips people have sent to me that I want to share the love with my first contest.

For instance, remember how I was having troubles with my crunchy line-dried clothes? A few people told me to try eco-friendly fabric softener in the wash (or some vinegar). Genius! Our clothes on the line are soft and lovely.

And remember the suggestions about how to possible reuse my cracked ceramic baking dish?
This weekend it did become bits and pieces for the bottom of the pots of new plants. Thank you!

Here's the deal: email me your favorite green tip or product that has been a lifesaver for you. I'll post them in the blog with full credit to you. In addition, the first 5 submissions will receive your very own awesome bottle of Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner.

Send the email entries to hello [at] momgogreen [dot] com.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether this is a green tip, but it's definitely a reuse trip. For all I know, panty hose are not "green" at all! But if you have to wear them, keep the old ripped ones, cut them in a little pieces, and use them to stuff home-made dolls, teddy bears etc. They're soft and very washable.

This tip comes by way of Catherine Smith, the godmother of one of my children.