June 19, 2008

one can a month

The fabulous women at Enviromom are planning an exciting challenge for the month of July. Their One Can A Month Challenge aims to encourage households nationwide to reduce, reuse and recycle their trash. The goal: reduce curbside garbage service to one can per month. The strategy: we'll go room by room through the typical household, looking into the trash can and identifying opportunities to decrease its contents. Less trash means greater investment in durable goods, which means fewer toxic emissions that contribute to global warming.

What a great idea! I would love to get some tips on reducing our trash even further. While composting and recycling has drastically reduced our waste, getting it to one can-full per month would be amazing.

Join me in participating in the challenge. Visit EnviroMom and post a comment to join the challenge AND be entered to win a package of green goodies valued at $250! What have you got to loose (besides heaps of trash?)

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