June 6, 2008

gas help

While I am still researching more fuel efficient cars than mine, I was tipped off to this cool tool. You enter your zip code and it will tell you the cheapest gas stations in your area.

It also lists the top 5 fuel efficient vehicles:
1. Toyota Prius
2. Honda Civic Hybrid
3. Toyota Camry Hybrid
4. Ford Escape Hybrid
5. Toyota Yaris

In my research I am looking for good fuel economy, capacity for as many kids as possible (I often have to drive 4 at a time) and safety. It would also be great if the was convenient cargo space (not big, but maybe a hatchback vs. a trunk). Of course little perks like satellite radio or bluetooth for hands free phone would be good options. I have found researching on Yahoo Autos is helpful because I can search by fuel economy and they also have a system of green ratings for cars.

Hopefully my next post will have all my findings!

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