June 4, 2008

eat local america

I was so glad my sister sent me this link to share with you. She found this website which is organizing a local eating challenge this summer. What a great motivational idea! Here's the scoop:

"This summer, you can kick-start your quest to eat more local by joining the “Eat Local America” challenge, presented by co-op grocers nationwide. This national challenge celebrates and supports the growing interest and passion to eat (mostly) locally grown or produced food - inviting individuals to try to consume 80 percent of their diets (or 4 out of every 5 meals) to local foods for a select amount of time during the summer months. To participate, check out our map to find your nearest participating co-op and stop by to learn when and how long your challenge will last. Or, click here to join the Challenge. Because peak harvest time varies throughout the nation, the Eat Local America challenge duration may vary from a one-week to one-month period. Even the definition of "local" varies by community, based on area agricultural patterns. Eat Local America celebrates the uniqueness of our regional food supplies, as well as a our nation's collective and emerging passion for eating more local, organic foods."

Eating local is healthier, eco-friendly, and good for supporting the people who produce these healthier, eco-friendlier foods. For some reason, there are no co-ops listed in my area (even though we have them). I signed up for the challenge anyway since I do eat mostly local from our amazing farmer's market. Looks like there are many in the northeast and upper mid west to join. See if there is one near you!

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Anonymous said...

You may also want to check out http://www.ecovian.com - they list a lot of local food sources (grocery/co-op, CSA programs, restaurants, etc.) in San Francisco