May 26, 2008

wipes go camping

We kicked off our camping season with a little getaway this weekend. It was loads of fun. I tried to keep our camping as green as I could, as I've been trying to do each time we go.

One new thing I splurged for this year was more environmentally friendly hand wipes. I bought a big tub of the EO All-Purpose Sanitizing Wipes, since they are touted as "the organic, plant-based alternative to chemical laden wipes." As I've mentioned before, I've struggled to figure out a eco-friendly way to keep our hands clean while camping since the bathrooms (we do at least have those!) don't have soap, warm water or towels. Of course I bring our own, but realistically, it is inevitable that we don't bring a bottle of soap and a towel to the bathroom every single time someone has to go. Standard antibacterial wipes can contain toxic and synthetic pesticides.

The EO wipes are kind of pricey, so it was a splurge to try them and I have to say I was a little disappointed with their dryness. I don't know if the batch wasn't packaged tightly or if they are not meant to be as moist as other brands I'm used to, but I wondered how effective they could be if the wipes were a bit on the dry side. The cloth they use (which is biodegradable) also seemed a little thin and was hard to tear, so people were often grabbing 2 or more to wipe up hands or tables.

I had one of my individual packets of another eco-friendly wipe in my backpack and used it on an excursion one day and remarked that it was so much more moist and the cloth was far bigger and thicker (making it much easier to actually use). I only wish the CleanWell wipes were sold in larger packages!

One interesting note is that while both these products say they are environmentally friendly (and I'm sure they are both better than traditional chemical type-brands) they are not the same. The EO brand uses alcohol (although it is organic and non-GMO). The CleanWell product uses only essential oils made from plants which are renewable, plus no pesticides or petrochemicals. CleanWell states their wipes kill 99.99% of germs, including MRSA and E.Coli.

I plan on contacting the EO company to see if the dryness issue was a fluke of my package. I do like many EO products. I also plan on buying more of the CleanWell and stocking up my camping supply box with the CleanWell spray and wipes.


KristeLee said...

I really like your blog. I'm eco-friendly myself and am transitioning to making everything possible in my life eco-friendly. Take a look at some of my lists and let me know what you think:

You could probably make your own lists too. I'd really love to see them.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article about the "Trash Heap". I never knew! What a shocker! I would love to have your link on my website. My thing is to be as green as possible while having as much fun as possible doing outdoor adventures; Camping, fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing, etc.

Your site is both educational and insprational. I hope to do the same.

Thanks, Dale