May 28, 2008

solar visit

I have started looking into getting solar panels installed on our home. I heard about some local rebates and thought it might be a good time to check it out.

I looked online to see which solar companies existed in my area and also got some referrals from neighbors. Today the sales guy from one of the companies came by to see our roof. He checked to see how much sun it gets and if there are any obstructions. I had looked up our monthly energy usage so he could prepare a quote.

We can qualify for federal, state, and possibly city rebates for installing solar. The city rebate plan is still locked up in local politics but will hopefully be resolved soon.

It seems like it will still be a big initial investment, but worthwhile in the long run. In addition to creating clean, renewable energy, solar is also supposed to help increase the value of a home.

You can see a video about how solar works on their company website. They install the panels on your roof, and then run a conduit to a new box which is installed near the utility meter. Voila!

Now we just have to decide if we can afford it.

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