May 5, 2008

natural mouthwash

Sometime after we switched to natural toothpastes we started trying natural mouthwashes. I'd never been much of a mouthwash user before, but I must admit in combination with the natural toothpastes it helps feel more refreshing (the natural pastes don't quite have the same "zing").

The thing about the mouthwashes is that personal preference seems to be quite variable. In my house we all have different opinions about the ones we've tried. All the brands seem to be alcohol-free with no artificial dyes or saccharin, etc.

My favorite tasting one is the Cinnamint from Tom's of Maine. My husband thought it burned a little too much (even though it is alcohol free). His favorite is the Tea Tree Oil mouthwash from Dessert Essence (I can't say I really enjoyed that flavor). I preferred the Jason Sea Fresh mouthwash to it (though husband and children completely disagree!) I'll admit, the Sea Fresh mouthwash is strange at first. Initial flavor of um—well, sea water would be accurate. But the aftertaste is minty and refreshing.

No matter which version you choose, the natural mouthwash options have safer ingredients than conventional products. Do you have a favorite brand or flavor to recommend? Let me know!

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