May 11, 2008

my day

Today was Mother's Day. We don't usually celebrate this holiday in a big way, but there were a few treats in store for me today that were very nice. My kindergartener gave me a handmade card this morning that he had made in school. It had a felted heart on the front and a picture inside that he drew of me sailing a boat (like a pirate ship). He drew a big sun in the sky and a smile on my face. I couldn't have asked for a better gift.

Later we took our annual trip to get ice cream for Mother's Day. We went to one of the best ice cream places in San Francisco. Their product made from excellent local, organic ingredients and they have incredibly unique flavors (I tried the salted caramel and the toasted coconut). In addition, they use compostable bowls and utensils. What is not to love??

Another big treat today was having a little time to indulge in my sewing project. I've been trying to learn to sew and my first project has been a reusable bag (thanks to Hannah for being so patient while teaching me). Another friend of mine has a fantastically cool job with access to gorgeous, modern upholstery fabrics. He is able to collect and keep the scraps which would otherwise be put in the trash. I am grateful he shared a few pieces with me. You can see my first bag below. The stitching is sloppy, but hey! It is my first project.


Anonymous said...

Yay Amy!!! That bag looks terrific.
Happy Mother's Day!

Our Green Nest said...

Bag looks great - look forward to seeing your second sewing project! Hope u had a great Mother's day!

Kimberly said...

What a great looking bag! You did a wonderful job. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Mary Beth said...

You are so lucky to live close to such a wonderful sounding ice cream place. Salted caramel would have been my choice too. And your bag looks great! Congratulations on your first sewing project. Isn't it fun?