May 4, 2008

market bags

I love shopping at the farmer's market but find that each week my system of carrying tons of random reusable bags over my shoulder is a bit disorganized and cumbersome. I decided to take a look around at the various methods other people are using.

There are several kinds of shopping cart styles. I'm afraid all my fragile things like eggs and strawberries would get squished using one of these.

These hook n' go carts are very popular at the market since they fold up small to fit in your car or home yet can hold many individual bags. Seems like they work well, but the market starts to get crowded after being open a half hour or so, making wheeling things hard to navigate. That and the contraption costs almost $50, so I'd want to be sure it would make a big difference for me.

Wagons are cute and romantic, but can't be we easily pulled through the crowded market. This one was there at opening time (not sure how they shopped that fast as many farmers were just starting!)

The classic basket is popular, too. I like the sturdiness of it, but fear I would need more space and that I'd wish I could use shoulder straps. It would be great if I could demo one before investing!

So, I usually end up looking like this woman—loaded up with a plethora of bags.
If you have a method that works well for you, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Cool shots! I too find myself loaded down at the farmer's market with melons, greens, plant starts, and occasionally my fussy toddler. Great ideas for alternative produce transport!

Bambootique said...

Try a big backpack! I fit a week's worth of farmer's market produce for our household in my ten year old college backpack. It's much more ergonomic than bags over your shoulders plus leaves your hands free. You just have to make sure anything breakable/ squishable gets put on top.