May 18, 2008

market bag solution

The farmer's market was incredible this weekend! I was so excited to see peaches, apricots, summer squash and cherries (not to mention lots of other beautiful things). It made me recall what I had learned from the video "How to Work a Green Market" with Alice Waters by the New York Times. When I first heard her saying how she chooses produce which speaks to her I doubted that tactic would work for me (chances were the produce had nothing to say to me). But it did. Lettuce beckoned me to take it home.

I bought lots of goodies for the week and as usual, tried to separate them into my various reusable tote bags. I had a bag for the fragile eggs and fragile berries, a bag for the grass fed meat, and other bags full of greens and other vegetables. Since I'm buying for my family of four, it becomes a lot to carry.

I decided to go check out the woven market baskets and in the end, I bought one. A reader had emailed me after my recent post about market bags and said that these types of baskets are great because not only are they are sizable but the structure keeps things from squishing as much as a tote bag does.

So, the totes will still come to the grocery with me and the basket to the farmers market. I feel more organized already!

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Kimberly said...

What a beautiful basket! I hope it works out better for you at the farmer's market.