May 15, 2008

clothesline challenge

I must tell you about a fantastic challenge that I've signed up for over at Gift of Green. She is hosting a Clothesline Challenge, which is great because I need the motivation to help me start this green habit. I've been wanting and intending to hang a clothesline for a long time, but logistics have stalled me.

Of course you know that the clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy users in your entire home.

Thanks to the challenge I am more motivated than ever. I am going to figure out what type of line might work in my yard and also get a rack to keep in the tub (as my sister-in-law does very successfully). And, I know this sounds lame, I think the hardest part for me will be lugging the wet laundry at opportune times upstairs to the yard. Maybe if I wash at night I can hang in the morning. I'll need to be careful to space the loads out each day and not end up with tons on the weekend.

So, go sign up and join me in the challenge! I signed up to dry 90% of our clothes on the line, but there are other levels to chose from. The challenge is running for 3 there's no time to waste. Get those lines up!

And a big thanks to Gift of Green for organizing and motivating in brilliant bloggy fashion.


Our Green Nest said...

How wonderful! LOVE our clothesline - don't know what I would do w/o it! I think there's such beauty in swaying clothes/linens in the breeze and I find there's something very relaxing about the actual process of hanging your clothes on the line...

Gift of Green said...

Oh pashaw, pashaw...'tis nothing. :) Thanks for joining!

Anonymous said...

hey amy - i think you already know our system; set the clothes to wash during the night (yay for timed washers) and hang them in the morning. then you forget them at night. hm. looks like our system needs a little work!
i'm crazy about our rotating line, though - easy to hang and fits tons of clothes.
love the challenge - thanks for promoting it!

cari c said...

One thing we did at our house was to install a big pole/rod from wall to wall above the washer and dryer. We hang a good 75% of our clothes on that. We also have a drying rack for heavier things like sweaters. The good thing about this is that our clothes can hang in the rain and in the winter!

Anonymous said...

I hang my clothing indoors because we live in a community which does not allow clotheslines in our yards. I do it all year round, and the only things that go into the dryer are whites (mostly white socks and T-shirts), and the boy's jeans. Nothing of mine goes in the dryer and my clothes last forever!

Most clothes dry overnight, even in winter. If they do not, I bring the damp ones to the bedroom closets. Have not had a problem with this method....and not a single bee hiding in my clothes, EVER!