May 29, 2008

a can of bpa, please

It is great to see that many people are taking care to avoid BPA (bisphenol-a) in plastic bottles (baby bottles and reusable water bottles). But BPA is also found in canned food, in similar or even higher amounts.

I first saw this story on treehugger and thought it was really relevant to all the moms trying to keep BPA out of their wee ones. Especially since BPA is something that is likely exposed in many ways, so it is cumulative. I knew BPA was a risk in caned food, but I hadn't realized the risk was at even higher levels than the bottles.

I don't use a lot of canned food, but do occasionally buy tomato sauce as a base to make my own. The report says that "less than half a cup of tomato sauce or a cup of chicken noodle soup would exceed the lowest dose found in recent research to have an adverse effect on animals."

Just another good reason to make fresh food. It is possible to can foods without BPA, so perhaps a little market demand is needed to get companies to make the change.

I read in the treehugger article some good tips for avoiding BPA and also found a listing of companies and their BPA usage in cans. If you want to see the original 4 minute video report from the Globe and Mail, click here.

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Unknown said...

Ugh. I am so disappointed here but thrilled I stumbled upon your blog today. I too buy cans of tomatoes to make the base for my gravy (italian lingo for sauce)..especially in the winter or during a slow year for my garden. I try to store up as much of my own tomatoes each year but it can be difficult to produce enough for a family of 5 and have it last through the winter months (gotta love New England)...that said I always count on the Whole Foods 365 brand! I checked your link and they cannot guarantee they are BPA my search is officially on! There must be a safe canned tomatoe out there right?