May 8, 2008


I have seen lots of hullabaloo about good, green gift ideas for Mother's Day. I'm sure there are many fine options (including the simple ones, like a hug). One unique option that I thought was worth noting is from a group called 1Sky.

1Sky is an organization that is working hard to make changes at the federal government level to help reverse global warming. 1Sky unites scores of groups with a single purpose: shifting federal policy toward the prosperity of a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Through innovative solutions and cutting-edge media, Internet, field and organizing strategies, 1Sky gives organizations and individuals across the country the power they need to make history.

They are asking people to come together to create strong visuals on Mother's Day which can be sent to Congress urging them remember the implications of climate change on the next generation. You can visit their website to find an event in your area or organize your own. I also enjoyed reading a great piece by No Impact Man on their blog for the occasion of Mother's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey this is Eli from 1Sky. Thanks so much for helping us to promote our Mother's Day event. Thanks to you and everyone else who helped, it was a great success with more than 465 events across the country. Keep in touch at