April 10, 2008

rent a green box

Do you have a big move coming up? Instead of buying all those expensive cardboard boxes or schlepping all over town to pick up used ones, consider a new option: rent a green box.

The founder of Earth Friendly Moving realized that sooner or later all moving boxes end up in the trash. He had the brilliant idea of creating a reusable box from recycled plastics (hence, called the RecoPack). The boxes come in 5 sizes and can be rented for your move. They are currently serving Southern California, but plan to go nationwide.

I'm not sure how often you can recycle cardboard and if they accounted for that, but it is exciting that someone has thought of a whole new option.


earth friendly moving said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to post about The Recopack and rent-a-green box.com!

To answer your question about recycling cardboard- what I have learned is absolutely
astonishing! The average cardboard box is used once, maybe twice and then it's simply tossed. The intent to recycle a cardboard box only yields 40% at most of reusable material to make another disposable cardboard box. The rest, or 60% is either burned,
accelerating global warming and reducing air quality or it's simply tossed into the landfill creating a vicious cycle of expansion.

Cardboard is a triple negative- it's bad for the ecology, as we have to cut down trees, it's bad for the environment as it ends up in our landfills or burned, and it's bad for the economy as we waste a lot of valuable time, resources and effort disposing it!

What we're doing is simply offering a zero waste packing and moving choice. One that simply uses our hard to recycle plastic trash to reinvent how we pack and move in America.

As crazy as it sounds, we rent The Recopack for a buck a box a week- that's less than 15 cents a day! We drive around on veggie trucks delivering environmental
consciousness in a box!

Check us out at www.rentagreenbox.com

Sincerely Green,

Spencer Brown
Founder and inventor of The Recopack

Anonymous said...


New York Based Website startup called BrokenEquipment.com is also
a Go Green website. Post up anything you have Broken on our site with a picture instead of tossing it out. Free to use!!!

The site is operated by one owner
with the intention to get users
to post up ANYTHING they may have that is broken. This will reduce waste and keep our landfills down.

Please past the the word around.