April 27, 2008

play, don't spray

If you are in the SF Bay Area and want to speak out against the LBAM spraying plans, please head to a rally organized by some mothers from a local preschool.

The Play-In is happening today, Monday April 28th at 10am at City Hall. The organizers are hoping to rally mothers and children, since they represent some of the most vulnerable population to the spray.
  • San Francisco, East Bay, Marin, and other residential areas will be sprayed as often as every 30 days for 2-10 years.
  • the spray contains "inert" ingredients that are toxic to humans and animals.
  • the spray has not been tested on humans, which is especially of concern to children or pregnant women.
  • The CDFA is advising everyone to stay indoors during the spray, and to hose down all play and eating areas the next morning.
  • Many scientists have been speaking out about the spray and insist that it is neither necessary nor effective. There are other alternatives.

Just look at the label of the chemical product they plan to spray over the city. Below is video footage of a news report which highlights some of the discrepancies and concerns regarding the spray.

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