April 1, 2008

michael recycle

My son received a gift card to the bookstore for his birthday (thanks, Aunt Abbie and Uncle Dave!) He thought it was so cool to have his own card to pick out whatever he wanted. We read lots of books and looked around until he finally chose Michael Recycle which has just been released by Worthwhile Books.

The story is about a caped-crusader who encourages people to recycle. It is written in rhyme and has fun illustrations. Often I am careful when selecting books on issues like this for children because I think at a young age it is better to avoid too much doom and gloom about the state of the world. Not that we have to lie, but I think young kids are just coming into themselves and need to know the world is a beautiful place full of possibilities.

I also think it is great that kids are learning recycling as second nature from seeing their parents (and schools?) do it.

All that said, the book is cute and catchy. It talks about things very positively and doesn't get too technical. It certainly makes recycling look like loads of fun! We are really enjoying it. So if you're looking for a green-themed kids book, check this one out.

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Lisa B said...

I love the author's last name.