April 29, 2008

green tv

I'm sure television watchers everywhere are glad that the writers strike is over and that new episodes are finally back on.

Here in our house we watch a lot of programming from the internet (long story, but is cheaper and more convenient for us). During the hiatus I found some cool green options for viewing pleasure.

On itunes there is a whole section devoted to green shows and podcasts. I recently downloaded an episode of Big Ideas for a Small Planet (from the Sundance Channel) about Power. I hope I learn something about alternative options — I'd like to know more about solar for our home.

There is also a bunch of video on the Planet Green website from the Discovery Channel. They have all kinds of topics, including home, health, food, technology, work and travel.

Earth Day Television has many educational videos online. I plan to watch the one on biodiesel soon, since the use of that still confuses me. (Once I figure it out I'll do a post on that, too).

And finally, Darryl Hannah's website has interesting videos as well. Her most recent episode is about a very cool alternative and green school.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I never thought to look on itunes for green shows.