April 21, 2008

fueling motivation

Happy Earth Day! Today (April 22nd) is the official holiday, though many places have had events over the weekend. Don't worry, I had to look it up. I actually haven't done anything to mark the occasion, but you can find events in your area on the Earth Day Network website.

If you need further motivation to make some green changes, check out what I had to pay for gas yesterday:

And that isn't even the most expensive station! I passed a few at $4.19. Certainly makes me want to rethink all the driving. Can't exactly give up the car, since we carpool, but maybe I can keep other trips to a minimum.


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Mindful Momma said...

Wow! We haven't even hit $3.50 around here yet. Even so, I cringed when I noticed that my car was almost on E today - knowing that it's gonna take a lot to fill it up. Big motivation to reduce driveing this summer...