April 22, 2008

freecycle treasures

I was cleaning out my closet today since I finally realized that I wasn't going to wear those business suits from 10 years ago (my past life). I called a local woman's shelter which told me they are only accepting like-new clothes. I could have taken them to a thrift store, but I decided to post them on Freecycle.

I never expected the interest in my old clothes to be so huge! Could it be that Yahoo happens to be hosting a Freecycle promotion in honor of Earth Day? Yahoo is posting "treasures" in the reuse group listings around the world. Join your local reuse group (like Freecycle) and follow these rules:

• Watch the offered items closely until you see a message about an Earth Day treasure. Reply as instructed.
• If you're the first to respond by email according to the rules, you get the goods.

Looks like the treasures will be popping up until May 4th. Who knows, maybe you'll see some other things that you'd consider a treasure and keep it out of a landfill.

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