March 26, 2008

free paper

Grrr. The newspaper is left, uninvited, in front of our house each morning. In fact, you can see it dumped in front of every house up and down our street. The papers are all stuffed in their little plastic bags and left outside our homes with no subscription or request.


It is one thing if you decide to subscribe to a paper, but to just dump all these papers and plastic bags all over the city and then force me to have to pick it up and properly dispose of it is ludicrous. I see it as a form of littering. And the waste of it all - don't get me started.

To top it off, this has happened before. I called the paper and told them to stop bringing it to my home. It worked for awhile, but now they are back with a vengeance. I dream of ways to make it stop. Grrr.

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Anonymous said...

I got sick of this too and since they wouldn't stop after I called repeatedly, I left a sign on the front saying I'd prosecute anyone that leaves paper products on my property. Guess it scared the delivery people because they stopped leaving it.