March 31, 2008

campaign of optimism

Are you at a point where you're a little sick of green, green, green, everywhere and you wonder if it really matters? The more I learn about the magnitude of environmental problems I wonder if my little bit can possibly help.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up or anything, especially now that Al Gore is is coming to the rescue with an ambitious new campaign. I think The Inconvenient Truth was a calling to individuals to make changes in their lifestyles. This new campaign is aiming to pressure the US government to actually pass laws that will make a difference. This is the kind of muscle we need to make a dent.

The Washington Post
quoted Gore, "The simple algorithm is this: It's important to change the light bulbs, but it's much more important to change the laws," he said. "The options available to civilization worldwide to avert this terribly destructive pattern are beginning to slip away from us. The path for recovery runs right through Washington, D.C."

The Alliance has partnered with many compelling groups (from the Girls Scouts to the United Steelworkers of America) as well as many famous individuals for this new series of ads.

Take a look at the new campaign. Sign your name to it so that lawmakers take notice. Make your voice heard!

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