February 1, 2008

no fridge

Little disaster here last night, so I didn't get to post on time. But the disaster makes for a good topic, I think.

What happened was our fridge died. All day I heard clicking sounds but I figured it was the water filter. By late evening we had a big puddle on the floor. As we investigated we found that everything in our freezer had thawed and was melting out! Luckily we have amazing neighbors who: 1) were still awake, and 2) have an extra fridge with lots of space.

The whole event made me think about how we use the fridge, what goes in it, how we depend on it, etc. Refrigerators are the second highest energy hog in your home (clothes dryers are first). Did you know there are many people who are doing without them at all?

One option to green the fridge is to downsize. Not a very American idea, but perhaps more viable than you might think. Depends how often you shop, etc. And another interesting tidbit I learned from the repairman was that the new energy star appliances don't hold up as well. Something to do with the mechanics of how they save energy. He said we should get 10-15 years out of the fridge, though.

But for now, it is working again. I have to say I'm relieved!

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Gift of Green said...

Yes, this is why I get a little nervous about stock-piling food in the freezer...I love ice cream but not enough to eat my entire store of it! :) Glad everything turned out okay!!