February 25, 2008

angry moms

Have you heard of Angry Moms? No, not the ones who just got cut off in the carpool line. Angry Moms is a movement and a movie about two moms who are trying to change the lunch programs in America's schools. I haven't seen the movie, but saw some clips and think it looks compelling.

So many topics seem to be converging for me lately and nutrition is one of them. It ties into the whole 'green' thing because we should care about the quality of foods we are eating, how they are produced, and packaged. The school nutrition issue is about the health and behavior of children (obesity, ADHD, asthma, diabetes, autism, all on the rise). It is about ingredients which are farmed or produced in ways that are harming our environment. It is related to how children today are becoming increasingly disconnected with nature.

I thought is was so telling that the huge meat recall issued last week (the largest EVER) was of meat that was primarily sold to schools, and that most of it had already been consumed.

I am fortunate that the schools my kids attend are very nutrition savvy. The do not serve or sell lunches, but they do have guidelines for what should and should not be included. They favor hearty, nutrient dense meals, preferably leftovers from the night before.

The Angry Moms website has some great links to more information about how and why to get involved with your school. I believe the movie also shares examples of schools that are getting it right and have exemplary programs.

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