January 15, 2008

happy hair gel

Have you tried to find a natural hair gel/styling product that does not contain parabens? Not easy to do. There are many product lines that are fairly clean yet still have parabens (although they are probably better than most drug store gunk).

Parabens are a suspected carcinogen, and are widely used as a preservative in body care products. They can appear on an ingredient list as methyl, propyl, butyl or ethyl parabeen.

Recently I found a product that seems very clean. It's called Scalp Rescue Styling Gel fro
m Max Green Alchemy. It is paraben-free, alcohol-free and PVP-free, petrochemical-free and wax-free. I wouldn't call it a strong hold gel, but it works well on my hair. They define it as "flexible hold" which "calms fly away hair and frizz."


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Anonymous said...

MGG, Thanks for fueling my hair product addiction. ; ) Seems super fun!