January 27, 2008

green worry

Cover of Feb '08 issue of San Francisco Magazine

I picked up a copy of San Francisco Magazine this weekend because the cover story caught my eye. It is a good article (which you can read here) about how "Bay Area residents have gone from being the most eco-conscious in the nation to the most eco-neurotic."

I know many of you are thinking I fit that description, but I actually see myself straddling between different levels of eco-consciousness. I don't believe my passion to green my family is on the level of many peers in my area. So much of what seems like new news to me is derigueur to many peers. While many people may think I'm neurotic about plastics or toxins, I think I'm just a fraction of the green frenzy that other people are.

I constantly am trying to balance these worlds and audiences as I consider who my readers might be. I assume many people who read the blog are looking for info and might be interested in learning what I've discovered. I also appreciate the readers who may have already found an answer to some dilemma I'm facing, and I am glad for their sage advice.

Where one lives does make a great difference in how easy it is to go green. After all, there are communities in this country that don't even have curbside recycling (and that seems pretty basic to me!)

Whatever the case, please read the article if you want to get a feel for the intensity of going green around here.


Anonymous said...

That was a long article but I liked it. I myself think that most people just really aren't or haven't been aware or educated enough to want to make a difference until now. I have always recycled but until recently I have thrown a bottle or can away here and there thinking what harm can little ole me do etc., until I stumbled upon websites and articles and the movie The 11th Hour pointing out what little we do really impacts the whole as far as our carbon footprint and if we recycle something for just a year.. how many trees it would save or how much electricity it would save. I really wish they would have come out with these videos and really gotten the message out there sooner. I now recycle all my junk mail instead of throwing it away and have started a recycle bin for plastic bottles at work and brining them home to put with my recycables because they dont recycle plastic at work. I have noticed more and more people becoming Green here in Wisconsin.. and that is promising.

Gift of Green said...

Why is the woman in the recycling bin?!