January 16, 2008

deodorant nirvana

Remember all my experimentation and research with natural deodorants? Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin, so while there may be many fine natural products out there, many of them make me itch like crazy. I finally found one that seemed to work pretty well.

I had been using the Nature's Gate fairly happily. It didn't irritate me, but some days it just wasn't strong enough, you know? (If you were too close to me, you probably knew). Don't get me wrong, I still like the product fine.

But imagine my excitement when I found another very natural option that smells SO GOOD. It is made by Earth Science and is called Liken Plant natural deodorant (herbal scent). Not a trace of unwanted odor with this one. And it is reasonable at $5.95. Also available unscented.

Sorry if this was too much information, but you really did want to know, right?


Anonymous said...

My husband has very sensitive skin and cannot use stick deodorants or anything with antipersperant. He has been using spray deoderant since he was a teenager, and a few years ago switch to Burt's Bees spray since it is non-aerosal and won't stain white t-shirts. It takes a bit for the body to adjust to the lack of chemicals (he stank for a few days and then it started working great). Tom's of Maine makes one, too, as do a lot of other natural beauty lines.

cari c said...

I'm so glad to find another option - I have been trying the aluminum-free non-anti-perspirant deoderants since I got pregnant 2 years ago and have definitely not found one that works. The Trader Joes version with cotton does keep me pretty dry but definitely does not hold back the stink. Excited to try this one! Thanks!